The perfect mix

Smateria’s journey begins when founders Jennifer Morellato and Elisa Lion met in Cambodia, sharing a passion for creativity, sustainability, and business. After prototyping their first bags with upcycled and recycled materials, they took the entrepreneurial plunge to transform their ideas into a thriving social enterprise.

It's all about caring

Smateria's passions go beyond creating unusual designs. Its mission is to create a safe, happy workplace where Cambodian women are given space to thrive. Over 80% of Smateria's employees are women who are encouraged to bring their children to work, where Smateria offers a free childcare centre on site.
All staff receive benefits such as English lessons, double maternity, family support leave, health insurance, savings accounts, and training to develop their skills and careers.  All employees are given paid holiday leave which they must take, so they can see their families, take rest, and have a healthy work-life balance.

Playful and colorful,  but not wasteful!

Smateria's philosophy is to use materials that already exist or have already been used and create a whole new perception. Materials such as mosquito netting, leather offcuts and black plastic bags are used to promote a keen eco-friendly message, that of course you can look beautiful without being wasteful!

Creativity and passion for design 

Smateria transforms recycled and repurposed materials into gorgeous new fashion items by mixing Italian design and local Khmer craftsmanship. These designs now form part of a fashion collection that is sold in five Smateria stores in Cambodia and in 15 countries across the globe, including the UK through Alter Design UK.