New life to unusual materials

At Smateria, any material has potential. Materials are core to Smateria's concept, as they guide the creation of new, innovative designs, while lowering our impact on the planet. Each season Smateria sources, tests and designs new styles using unusual materials and upcycled products.


Giving scraps a second life

That’s what we like most at Smateria, turning waste into something unconventional and of high quality. The leather we use comes from sofa factories in Cambodia which inspired the name of the Diva line. We collect the leftovers from local factories and give them a new life. Each piece has to go through several manual operations before being placed on the surface with a pattern, like a puzzle. Working closely with the pattern makers, we design unique shapes to make the most of these wastes.

Giving a soul and light to an industrial material



Reviving handicraft while upcycling plastic waste